JK 4ドア: 3” アルパイン CT3 Outback オーバーランド サスペンション システム – ライト(右) ハンド ドライブ – ノー ショック
JK 4dr: 3” Alpine CT3 Outback Overland Suspension System – RHD – No Shocks


JK 4ドア: 3” アルパイン CT3 Outback オーバーランド サスペンション システム – ライト(右) ハンド ドライブ – ノー ショック



***Right hand drive only***
The TeraFlex JK Outback suspension system is designed as a complete suspension system exclusively for expedition style overland travel. This kit was designed from the ground up for a dedicated vehicle capable of supporting sustained self-reliant travel over extreme terrain. Legendary tracks such as the Canning Stock Route in Australia, or the Silk Road in China prove to be some of the toughest challenges a vehicle will ever face. This approach required TeraFlex to evaluate every component and verify the performance factor for each item. We found that the majority of our products are by virtue of their original design perfectly suited for dedicated overland applications. Some components were modified to make them more suited for long stretches of washboard roads with no maintenance required.

Some of these changes are found in the Flexarm joints - opting to use factory style rubber bushings at both ends of the flexarm. This delivers maximum vibration damping. The allowable flex provided by rubber bushings provides full articulation, utilizing maximum shock travel available. Special consideration and attention was spent on correct spring rate tuning and development. Dedicated overland travel requires the use of specific spring rates suited to heavy loads and continuous mechanical resonance that react differently than ‘standard’ coil spring rates. This system incorporates custom load-enhanced heavy-duty spring rate coils to meet the performance demands of a fully loaded Jeep and maintain the lift height. Additional details are addressed such as critical gusseting, bracing and other bracketry to beef up areas that are prone to damage and fatigue typically experienced with extended overland trips.

When combined with Falcon Series 3.3 Fast Adjust shock absorbers (sold separately), superior performance is achieved.

This system includes 3” lift load-enhanced coil springs, 8 adjustable Alpine flexarms, front sway bar disconnects, rear sway bar links, rear track bar bracket, SpeedBump bump stops, and all necessary hardware.

This kit will allow you to run up to a 35” tire. Aftermarket wheels with 4.5” backspacing or less are required, or use stock wheels with TeraFlex Offset Wheel Adapters (#1055000 - 2 sets).

Fits all right hand drive JK Wrangler models including Rubicon and Unlimited.

Driveline modifications may be necessary with this suspension system, or the TeraFlex Rzeppa High Angle CV kit (#1744014) is a perfect solution.
This kit does not include shocks; longer shocks will be required.
2012+ JKs require exhaust spacers (#2610000) or other exhaust modification for proper driveshaft clearance.
Because of the load enhanced spring rate, this kit is designed specifically for ‘heavy loaded’ Jeeps. A firmer ride will be experienced with an empty payload.



約 79 kg
JKU Wrangler Unlimited


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